5 Technology Trends To Watch Out for in 2015

Today I’m going to cover a few of the most innovating technological trends that you should expect to see throughout 2015.

Rather than getting into a super long intro to start things off, I figured I’ll simply start on the list and ditch the boring part.

1. Smartphones
Around 97 % of the our “Y” generation utilizes the smartphone to get online for using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Today almost everyone of our generation makes use of smartphone to gain access to internet for every possible thing you can possibly imagine. Is it too far-fetched to believe that by 2016, 80% of the United States will make use of smartphones and tablets to go online. That’s a really staggering number which means if you’re not online, you’re definitely offline.

Mobile development is unlimited and I see lots of big and exciting things coming out this year.

2. Mobile Apps
Without a doubt, the approaching future of mobile applications is HTML 5. The substantial impact of mobile devices have actually given birth to brand-new trends like HTML 5 for enhancing the efficiency of work. HTML5 internet apps will change the way we make use of the web now with the native apps.

Native apps are the software application specifically established to work on a specific platform like Android or iPhone. Almost every piece of mobile application these days uses these to the fullest extent because they are so much more smoother to work with.

HTML 5 Web Apps are software apps that are platform independent and these apps will run on the internet to be easily accessible via use of smartphone internet browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and even Internet Explorer.

3. Living in the Cloud

We can not simply overlook the advantages of utilizing cloud computing to use our resources fully and eliminate the costs. It was never ever easy for someone that was looking to startup a company to take in all the devoted hardware costs because that just added up way too quickly. These days, someone planning to start with limited budget will have a much better advantage because they can just purchase or lease the services and would just need to pay as per the use so the cost is really minimized.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular every day as the expense of hardware is getting less costly. This transformation is now also controlling the development of smartphone and tablets to make you able to store your personal information on the cloud instead of natively on the phone’s hardware, which is readily available to serve you 24/7.

You can keep your personal information saved on web/servers and can access your essential files and information from anywhere in the world, which is much better than keeping a hard disk or pen drive. In today’s age, we generally utilize to keep all our data with us at all times and the shift of “ease” is integrating itself slowly but surely.

One negative part of living in the cloud, which can be dangerous, is that these physical devices are open to any physical damage and viruses and can corrupt essential data. I always like to keep at least 2-3 copies of everything to be on the safe side.

4. The Internet Will Glue Everything Together

The internet is connecting billions of people daily. While it’s no surprise that the internet does connect people, it is connecting them on a more personal level and using visual sharing as a catalyst in doing so.

5. Drones (Yikes!)

Drones are renowned for bombing or for military surveillance operations. Companies like Amazon are now talking about using them to start shipping items that are bought on their website to save on costs. This is very scary in my opinion so it will be interesting how this develops throughout 2014.