Tracking Your Fitness

America is one of the fattest nations in the world; there’s no doubt about that.

We enjoy everything a little too much – from deep-fried turkeys to entire meals drizzled in chocolate fudge.  Not really sure how you would want more proof than a burger that uses donuts instead of using regular buns, but better yet, a prime example is the latest craze called The Cronut.

People discover great deals of reasons to indulge in life’s greatest food and the main reason is that people turn to food because life is difficult. We feel that we are owed a little satisfaction as a benefit for surviving our daily difficulties– like getting a lollipop for simply just going to the dentist for a regular check up. In order to have and maintain a healthy diet, there is much personal discipline that is involved. Just getting through the day without drowning yourself in gravy is hard enough as it is. Besides, with how things progress these days, somebody always comes up with the latest and greatest pill  or some diet plan master will provide us the magical formula that will make us skinnier and give us more energy– sooner or later, that is.

If we all continue on this little path, we are in not only for a shocker, but on a road of health troubles. If you think it’s too expensive to eat the right way and mind some calories, just take a take a look at the increasing cost of healthcare that is going on right now – much of which can be minimized if we took some pretty simple preventive actionable measures now.

Well luckily a new little device by Atlas is mindful of this and showing us a little hope of heading the right direction.

Innovation is turning more to technology to rely on something that can trust since we cannot really trust ourselves at times. People are attempting to track their daily activity and have seen a gold rush of people getting into these fitness trackers that have emerged as of lately. My friend actually has one of these and he loves it. The Atlas IndieGogo and the unique thing about Atlas is that it has established a brand-new method to track activities and can mention to precisely the activities you are doing throughout the day which can help you know where you stand at all times in terms of activity. They say that Atlas can actually know the difference between a sit up and a walk, even the difference between just a mere push up and you slouching on the sofa. This distinct facet is what makes me so interested in the Atlas Fitness Tracker and am pretty sure that it will end up on almost every fried food eating man (and woman) out there.